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The Long Drive Network connects players from all around the world and makes them faster! 

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Get connected with the best players in the world and share your knowledge about Long Drive. Show us your daily routines, post your favourite pictures and discuss current topics.

Tournament Information

Be informed about global

In this section you can find all information about long drive tournaments all over the world.
A central tournament calendar gives you an overview of the events of the different organizers. You will also find an overview of the top 100 players.

Technique insights

Technique insights

 In this section you will find important information to improve your technique. Learn from the best players and coaches in the world what they are working on and imlement the long drive fundamentals to your swing. Furthermore you can upload your swing and get individual feedback from our coaches.


Individual coaching

You can book online lessons with Lee, John or Josh at our network. Benefit from their knowledge in terms of speed and distance. As a gold-member you get an additional -40% discount on the trainer lessons.


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It's hard to find proper Long Drive Equipment in your normal golf store. Use this forum to find new weapons or even make money with your old clubs.


Become the fittest

To hit it further, you need to improve your fitness. Golf specific fitness and mobility exercises show you how to get more out of your swing.

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Josh Koch - Josh is a Teaching professional based out of Orlando, Florida who also happens to be ranked 27th in the World Long Drive Rankings. Only being in the sport for 2 years, Josh climbed in way up making 2 televisions appearances in the 2019 season. Josh is currently teaching over 10 long drivers including Rob Tiettmeyer, Mitch Dobyn, Jovani Lechadores, Andrew Fernandes, Scott Kalamar and Cassandra Meyer.

Lee Coxhas 30 years of coaching experience and nearly 20 years involved in the sport of Long Drive. As a Long Drive coach Lee has over 100 wins and has won nearly every title in the game including, European tittles, World Matchplay, Ultimate Global Championship and 3 World Titles. He contimues to develop his knowledge  to stay at the forefront of coaching.

John Novosel Jr. is the Co-Creator of Tour Tempo, an author, Speed Coach and inventor, as well as a competitor in Long Drive events. He has created a Speed Training System (Tour Tempo Speed) and holds patents on 4 different speed training tools. His Tour Tempo Speed system and defies have been used worldwide by Long Drive Competitors, PGA and European Tour Pros and top amateurs to reach uncharted territory and achieve unparalleled increases in clubhead and ball speed.

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